Backup plans for unpredictable weather

Weather can be unpredictable, and your wedding day can get interrupted by bad weather.

When planning a wedding, you should consider both possibilities: beautiful sun or pouring rain. Dont just wait for the sunshine to shine! If clouds are in the forecast, take advantage of them and host an indoor cocktail party.

If its pouring rain or theres thunder and lightning, things can get dangerous for everyone involvedforgiveness is an important part of marriage, after all.

While you should always be aware of your spouses perspective when dealing with extreme conditions, its also important to have your own. Having a backup plan is even more essential if one of you has a disability that could increase their risk of injury.

Develop a backup plan for rainy days.

If you dont get enough rainfall in your area, or if rain is something that occurs often in your region, it can be helpful to have a back-up plan in place. You may decide that depending on the climate where you live, you can grow plants in pots outside of your home that you can move inside if there are threats of heavy rains. Or you may want to invest in some type of plastic pot cover that protects your garden but allows water to soak into the ground instead of running off onto your driveway or sidewalk.

Take shelter in advance.

If youre caught out in bad weather without your car, it can be hard to know what to do. Before you leave home, make sure to find a safe place to park safely away from any potential damage or danger. This area should be well-lit and open so drivers have easy access to their cars

Keep everyone updated.

Communication is key to any successful wedding planning plan, so be sure to share photos and updates from your vendors meetings as they happen throughout the year. When you have an event to celebrate (a big day, a little extra time), let everyone know! And if one of your vendors cancels their order, offer help finding a substitute gift or performer.

Ask someone to hold down the fort.

Whether you have a business presentation or just need to catch up on a work project, ask one of your colleagues to watch your kids or dog for a few hours. Its also a great idea to set up a time to write that important article once in a while! You can even put it off until the next day.

Consider videography.

If youre planning to deliver your speech in person, whether in your office or at an outside venue, consider hiring a professional video producer. A photographer can take iconic images of your team members speaking in pitch darkness, but how will those photos compete with the ease and convenience of streaming video from your phone? While some events may be better suited to handwritten notes than to a spoken presentation, certain situationslike when you need to walk employees through a complex process or when co-workers would find it embarrassing to their faces are more effective in a live setting.