Benefits of being an organized bride

Being prepared with everything you need helps eliminate stress and gives your whole day more direction and control.

Having all the items you need for your wedding is key to feeling less worried about the big dayafter all, its much easier to dress if you dont have to hunt down your clothes! Plus, reducing the time you have to spend searching means you can focus on what matters most: spending time with your family and friends.

You show everyone that you care about what needs to be done and that you are in charge.

As a guest, you may have just been asked to help clean out someones closet or sit through hours of dinner with your family, but as their friend, you should feel good about bringing up how they look for weddings and upcoming events. Show everyone that you respect them by taking ownership over the details involved in your wedding day! Be sure to include friends and family members who need to know taken off work, times when guests can arrive and leave, and any other logistics you want to throw out there. By staying organized, everyone will focus on getting you married and not on watching you get dressed.

Preparing ahead of time allows you to spend more time having fun and less time worrying about planning your wedding.

I know, definitely not something most people like to think about, but preparing everything well in advance reduces stress and can actually allow you to enjoy your big day. For example, if you have always wanted to incorporate a floatation session into your wedding plan, then do it! Buying all your dream dresses instead of sticking with your budget will also give you more money left over for accessories and makeup. Planning just comes natural to me, and when I dont prepare ahead of time, my wedding plans look pretty chaotic.

Create a budget plan.

During your wedding planning process, its important to create a clear budget for yourself. But instead of just adding up all your costs and going with the most expensive option, consider how many people are getting married at once and dividing the cost between everyone. It may even give you enough money left over to purchase a new dress! Being able to provide each member of your wedding party with gifts is another way to stick within your budget.

Build a wedding timeline.

One of the best ways you can plan out your wedding day is to create a rough draft of how it will all happen. By mapping out when each moment happens, you can determine where everyone should be at specific times and ensure nothing goes wrong. Your wedding coordinator or venue manager can also use your timeline to help plan out their facilities so everything runs smoothly.

Take advantage of free wedding advice.

A professional bridal shop can help you get all your forms together, but theres no reason to struggle with organization alone. Ask your partner what things are most important to them and their family and friends, and make sure to take note of everyones concerns. Its easy for opinions to differ around your venue search or cake choice, so taking some time to write out a plan that meets your needs and your families will make for a more stress-free experience.

Start searching for a photographer.