Benefits of being an organized bride

Benefits of being an organized bride Being prepared with everything you need helps eliminate stress and gives your whole day more direction and control. Having all the items you need for your wedding is key to feeling less worried about the big dayafter all, its much easier to dress if you dont have to hunt […]

Emergency wedding day kits

Emergency wedding day kits Developing an emergency wedding day kit can help you feel more prepared and confident on your big day. An emergency wedding day kit is perfect for those times when everything goes wrongwith weather, schedules or transportation. This DIY project helps us get ready in less time with all the necessary items […]

Toasting for a wedding

Toasting for a wedding Whether youre hosting a small family dinner or a large celebration, there are plenty of ways to say happy birthday, thank you, and congratulations! Choose the right venue. If youre planning a small, outdoor ceremony, say around 20 guests, an intimate restaurant dinner setting is perfect. But if you want to […]

Keeping guests comfortable on a hot day

Keeping guests comfortable on a hot day Avoid bright colors Even if you love to wear bright colors, its best to avoid them when planning a wedding in July or August. The heat can cause colors to look very strong and force your guests to focus attention on the color instead of what they want […]

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour Whether youre hosting a cocktail hour at your home or in a venue, its important to plan ahead. You want to reserve appropriate rooms for viewing and storage of all items related to the reception. Think about how much furniture you need and ask yourself if you have enough seats for everyone. If […]

Keeping the party upbeat

Keeping the party upbeat Whether youre hosting or just attending, trying to keep the mood light and playful can still make for a fun night. It may be easier said than done, but your friends deserve a break from all that seriousness every now and then. You definitely dont want to appear like a grim […]

Wedding Traditions

Wedding Traditions Do you and your partner want to bring some tradition to your wedding day or keep an old favorite? One of the wonderful things about weddings is that they can be personalized to reflect each couples unique love story. If you both grew up in families where it was customary to sprinkle rice […]

wedding shoe ideas

wedding shoe ideas Choosing what shoes to wear to your wedding is an important decision and can even be a challenge right after your ceremony. While its great to have a clear idea of how you want to look, dont stress about wearing the perfect dress or asking for a specific style. Wearing well-chosen shoes […]

Backup plans for unpredictable weather

Backup plans for unpredictable weather Weather can be unpredictable, and your wedding day can get interrupted by bad weather. When planning a wedding, you should consider both possibilities: beautiful sun or pouring rain. Dont just wait for the sunshine to shine! If clouds are in the forecast, take advantage of them and host an indoor […]

Wedding traditions for your wedding

Wedding traditions for your wedding Doing something unique will be one of the few ways that you can mark this milestone in your life as a couple. First dances are special, said photographer Derek Johnson at Pantone Inc., who along with his partner, Lauren Conrad, hosted a recent Pink Party to celebrate the new color. […]