Creating a budget for your wedding

Having a clear budget gives you goals to work toward and can help you stay focused as you create your wedding day plan.

Your budget should reflect what you can afford to spend, whether youre looking at costs in your city or elsewhere. How much do you earn? What qualities of your venue or vendor are most important to you? Add up your expenses and figure out where you could potentially cut costs to get the lifestyle you want without sacrificing quality of life factors like comfort, convenience and happiness.

Build a financial plan into your budget from the beginning of your planning process.

Your wedding will likely be one part of a larger spending plan for your family or business. For example, if youre buying a house, think about how much your marriage price is going to be. Or if you have a small business, consider how much you need to invest in advertising or new equipment because someone has invested money in youand now you want to return the favor.

Talk to your partners family members and friends.

If youre planning on getting married in a few months, wait to talk about budgets until after you have met with potential vendors and received proposal prices. Then, compare what each vendor charges and set up an example spreadsheet, showing how many hours each person will work and listing all costs including materials and equipment. This is also a good time to determine whether you plan to hire anyone to assist you with building the rock wall or setting up your photo booth

Do your own research.

You may not need to run every statistic through your calculator, but its important to be informed so you can make well-informed decisions about your big day. Go online and do some basic math, like calculating an expense margin or considering how much money you want in your savings account. This isnt really budgeting at allits just good planningbut its a great way to get an idea of what things are actually going to cost and how many pieces of equipment you actually want or need.

Make sure your budget is reasonable.

Your wedding costs are just thatcosts. But when you get good help, things can go more smoothly at your ceremony. So before you start pricing items out online or in stores, make sure to take into account all of the other aspects of wedding planning, including what times of the year to book vendors for and how much experience their average license fee is likely to be.

Hire a professional wedding planner.

A lot of things can happen during the planning process that will make your wedding day much easierlike finalizing your venue choice or choosing a photographer. But if you want to avoid stress, heres one less thing to worry about! A professional planner will take care of everything, from booking vendors to developing a timeline. If you want to save time and energy, consider hiring a pro to help plan out your big day.