Do you need a wedding planner

If you choose to hire a wedding planner, its important that you know them and trust them as part of your planning team.

We all love weddings! Getting everything done and accomplished can be a challenge even with an organized team. A professional planner helps you navigate the many facets of organizing a successful wedding by providing focus and guidance.

Be sure to find someone who you feel comfortable with and whose ideas suit what you want from your big day.

One of the biggest challenges of planning a wedding is finding one person to lead the charge. You may have a friend or family member whos always wanted to be the leader, but why not let them take the reigns in designing everything from start to finish? While it can be helpful to have an experienced hand at planning events, dont be afraid to hire professionals where necessary. An expert chef will know how to use kitchen tools like sharp knives and cracked pots, while a professional photographer will know their stuff and could even offer tips for future clients.

Ask family members if they would prefer to plan their own way or look after things themselves.

While every wedding is different, its important to ask your friends and family whether they would like to plan one of the big moments in your wedding day or instead want you to handle everything yourself (or with a friend or partner). This can help everyone feel involvedincluding you! But remember this isnt always possible, so be sure to stick to what works best for you and your family.

Talk to your vendors and ask the same questions you would if you were hiring a wedding planner.

Before you start planning your big day, you should have all your answers. Is everything covered with my vendors? Are they willing to work with you outside of what they offer? Ask them anything that pops into your head! And when they give you the answer, ask if there is any way you can add something else to make it more accurate for your needs.

Choose one or two ways to cut costs and figure out how to incorporate those into your planning as well.

While a wedding planner isnt necessarily an affordable option, it can be a great way to reduce your expenses by learning to take advantage of hosting opportunities and working events yourself. Think about what kinds of jobs people in your organization are already responsible for and brainstorm ways that you could contribute and get paid at the same time.

Set aside time for everythingand everyone you want to invite.

You may have many names in mind when you brainstorm ideas for your perfect day, but dont forget about who actually lives under your roof. If your mom was a pain on your birthday, think of ways to make that less likely on your wedding day. And if one of your best friends has been talking trash all year long, let her know just how much you care by inviting her over all-out for breakfast.

Schedule your wedding around your honey rather than the other way around.

Your wedding will be unique to both of you, so instead of having a formal ceremony schedule, choose one that works for both of you. That means scheduling your events based on how your partner likes to spend his time versus what times of day your family prefers for you to hold big functions.