Emergency wedding day kits

Developing an emergency wedding day kit can help you feel more prepared and confident on your big day.

An emergency wedding day kit is perfect for those times when everything goes wrongwith weather, schedules or transportation. This DIY project helps us get ready in less time with all the necessary items conveniently packaged together.

Create an itinerary for your wedding day.

How many hours before you get married do you spend planning what to wear? While we love dressing up and feeling beautiful, its not exactly something you can consider off the top of my head on the morning of your wedding. By writing down an outline for how you want to spend your final days using both personal preferences and family requests, you can start to build the perfect kit for you.

Make sure every member of your family has their own bag.

While you may not think of everything needed to put up a wall, your mom might take coins, an emergency card for her phone or car, plus other essentials (such as auto repair tools) in her purse. You can also store-bulk items like hair products and lotions and make it easier for everyone to find what they need when chaos arises on your wedding day.

Keep everyone updated with news about your planning.

It can be a stressful time for you as you work to plan everything out, but letting friends and family know whats going on is great motivation for them to buy your wedding plans!

Take plenty of photos to include in your kit.

Well give you some ideas of what to take, but heres what we recommend:

Choose which items to pack.

You dont have to purchase every piece of equipment listed in this article, and you can add or subtract items depending on the type of ceremony you plan to conduct. For example, if you are planning a ceremony with only your partner/spouse and close family members, there is no need to include a bunch of stuff that you may use for your sessionbut also no reason not to buy a few cute teddies or books as gifts.

The better you feel ahead of your wedding, the more likely you are to enjoy your day.

That may seem obvious, but anxiety about the big day can definitely hijack it for you. If youre feeling stressed or anxious, dont add to it by worrying about what goes into your kit. Take care of yourself before the ceremony by doing something that makes you feel goodlike getting spa treatments done here at our hotel or buying a new dress you love.