Guest list for the wedding

There are many ways you can include your loved ones on your guest list, such as inviting just the kids or including their parents.

We love seeing family members who have become so close over the years, but if you want to keep them separate, theres no wrong way to do that.

Its up to you and your partner which guests you want to invite into your home. Just make sure to keep the number of people reasonable.

That means no calling friends out left and right or having hundreds of strangers at your party. While letting everyone attend your wedding is tempting, its also an opportunity to show off what you have around you! No one wants a cookie-cutter wedding that looks like every other boring one in town. Instead, let your personality shine through from outside your door.

Consider splitting your guest list into men and women.

You can invite everyone divided by gender or you can divide up the people who matter most to you and have each one of them attend either at the ceremony or the reception. This is a great way to ensure that everybody stays happy and says their goodbyes after guests have left.

Think about why you want to include your family members.

Do you feel comfortable with your partner in front of your friends? Does it matter to you whether your parents are old-fashioned or not? Are there other relatives who dont share your perspective, and how can you deal with that? What does it mean to you to have your whole family behind youor to avoid someone simply because they arent related to you?

Determine your wedding budget. How much room do you have for guests? What will you do to cut down on the number of guests?

Start out by determining how much you can afford to spend on your wedding day. If you only have a limited amount set, its a good idea to add some extra money in case you need to get more items.

Ask your friends and family to be your couples only group.

Weve all got families, friendships contained in our own circles, and it can be hard to imagine how anyone could fit into your wedding day. But allowing guests who mean most to you both to participate in the ceremony provides an opportunity to acknowledge their contributions with a kiss and some hugs.

Keep it simple.

You dont have to get all dressed up! A casual dress code gives you more options when it comes to getting guests photos of you and your partner. If you want to include a formal gown or suit, consider a less formal event like an engagement session or dinner party where everyone is comfortable in their best clothes.