Have a timeline

Tracking your pregnancy is incredibly important, as a lot can happen between planning and conception and birth.

During this time youll take many measurements and weigh yourself every day to determine your ideal weight gain. You may even choose to scan yourself once annually with a live ultrasound to see how far along you are in your pregnancy.

This becomes even more important in early pregnancy when you may have to wait around for yourself or your partner to get pregnant.

Your doctor will likely want to see your baby before it arrives, so figure out how much time you have ahead of your appointment! The due date is always easy to predictSeptember 26but other babies born near that month need not be as predictable.

This doesnt mean that you have to stop doing what you are doing or committing to one partner to have sex with only her. It just means that you should track your period and other bodily functions to make sure everything is going according to plan.

You may be a little late, so dont stress! Just take note of how your body feels at each phase of your cycle, and ask yourself if you feel sexually comfortable in those moments. Knowing when youre most likely to get pregnant can help guide your planningor even encourage you to keep trying sexy outfits you love if youre able to stay pregnant while you wait for your prince to arrive.

Talk to your partner about fertility signs.

When you want to get pregnant, its helpful to know what time of year that is best for your body. As many as half of all babies are born in the winter, which can make it harder if you need to wait another month before you try to conceive.

You may decide that theres something special about this monthmaybe its Valentines Day?but regardless, every womans cycle is different, and things might change

Your period isnt just your babyits also yours! That means you should be involved in any decision to take or not take pregnancy photos at a specific time of year. Instead of asking for advice, consider what kind of images would best tell your story and help you document your journey through fertility treatment.