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Why I do this...

Bride and Groom first look at Westin O'hare

Reasons behind the work I do

Got nothing better to do. Ha! Just Kidding. Really, I just love this type of work. There's an interesting dynamic to it that I discovered when I got into the wedding photography business. It's challenging, in a good way. Maybe similar to a runner, knowing they can do the distance, but the question is "How far can I go?". I push where I can, to discover the potential of my skills. If I achieve what I been looking for, then I'm ready for more and I hope my couples are too. I started this for the love of ART, not people's love for one another. Don't get me wrong though, as the years go on, people's display of affection for one another just added a hug BONUS to what I do.

I'm married now with kids, so I get a lot more of where they are coming from when they reach a meaningful moment. Never thought I'd be the one to cry at a wedding though, I think it was allergies, LOL! The first one was mine, I have to admit... I mean seriously?! Wasn't because I saw my beautiful wife coming down the isle, although that was one of the best parts of my day. It was MOM, she was crying on my wedding day. Oh CRAP! What is going on with my face? Didn't think it was going to happen to me. Then there was a moment during a wedding I was photographing. I was a Dad during this time. There was a bride that married into a family with two kids. She was beautiful in telling those kids who she could never replace, but who she hoped to be in their lives. It wasn't the speech that got me, but the crying little kid that was moved by her words. Got me thinking about my little ones. Then...here we go again! Got me balling too. Didn't realize I had these triggers in me. Luckily I do get some laughs from some great couples. 

This has made a difference in how I look at things through the camera. You probably couldn't tell me apart from many photographer's out there. What's the difference is in style or lighting skills. Most people don't know, really. Although what I hope comes across from me is how professional, hard working, considerate, and appreciative I am for who ever I photograph for. These little moments in time, which I have witnessed and experienced, are what I'm also looking to capture. Seconds of something impactful, can last for a lifetime if it's there. It doesn't happen for everyone, but not having to deal stress lays down the mood for the day. So I've set different goals now in what I do, aside from quality photos, I put people as a priority. Everyone just deserve to be happy.

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