How to start finding wedding vendors

Whether youre looking online or in person, your search for wedding vendors should be methodical and organized.

Get a list of potential vendors. If you have time to talk to each one individually, thats great! But even if you just want to brainstorm ideas, take note of those who seem like they would make the best partners in crime to help plan your dream wedding. You can also look through magazines and websites to get an idea of the vendors youve wanted outside of school and work. Having a clear vision is key to locating any vendor, so spend some time writing out what items are most important to you.

Take time planning your wedding day.

Before you begin talking with vendors, take some time to plan out your big day. This means deciding what things are most important to you and how much time you want to spend on each activity. As you talk to potential vendors and as you make plans, keep in mind your schedule so we can work together to find everyone!

Write a detailed list of what things need to get done before your wedding.

We often have great ideas for vendors and help payers after their wedding, but when it comes time to hire someone to do work for you, some questions come up. So take advantage of this moment to write out everything that needs to be accomplished ahead of timewhat forms or bills need to be filed, how many guests were expecting and whether we need to make a reservation. This list can help guide your search for vendors.

Talk to your significant other.

Before you begin talking to potential vendors, sit down with your partner and brainstorm what each of you would like for the day. While you shouldnt just go with the first vendor that comes up in search results, its important to think about who you feel most comfortable with on your big day.

Know what items matter most to you.

Before you begin talking to vendors, determine your budget and know exactly how much you can spend on each one. If someones service or product is not within your budget, then theyre definitely something you dont need or want? Sure, no one vendor is necessary for your day, so if money is an issue, look at ways you can accommodate all those wanting to be part of your big celebration.

Choose a theme for your guest list.

Before you begin talking to vendors, have a clear idea of what style of wedding it is that you want to host. The best way to do this is to ask yourself some important questions about your own marriage and how you feel about it. Is there a part of your partners personality or style that you didnt incorporate into your relationship? Which parts are most important to you? For example, if musical theater is one of your favorite forms of entertainment, then you should definitely include live music in your ceremony. But maybe you dont love any form of music and would rather spend your time with friends and family than listen to a single song at your reception.

Start with a narrow goal.

Before you begin talking to vendors, whether online or in person, know what you want out of your research. This can include details like who will be serving food and at what cost, as well as things like space requirements and transportation questions. By narrowing down your search early on, youll have access to information that may not have been available had you started closer to choosing providers.