Keeping guests comfortable on a hot day

Avoid bright colors

Even if you love to wear bright colors, its best to avoid them when planning a wedding in July or August. The heat can cause colors to look very strong and force your guests to focus attention on the color instead of what they want to seeyour groom and bride.

Minimize the number of outfits for the day, and choose pieces that can be worn with multiple outfits or paired with other outfits.

Your wedding will have plenty of time to get in touch with your personal style, so dont stress about finding the perfect combinations. And if you need help deciding what to wear, just ask your friends or family whether they had any recommendations. Theyll love seeing you look great and probably want to see you feel comfortable too!

Add some variety.

While you should definitely still keep the venues main attractions on the menu, try including some additional dishes for your more adventurous friends or for those nights when you want to stick with drinks. If you can offer a variety of foods without much effort, all the better! Your guests will be happier eating something different, and maybe they wont spend half their dinner talking about what dead zoo animal they saw at lunch.

Think about your kids.

What makes a water cooler cool? For many parents, its the sight of their children enjoying something cold in the middle of a hot day. But when youre planning a picnic, keeping your young ones warm can be a challenge. You dont want to spend all day hiking only to have your little one crying because theyre so hot, so consider their needs before choosing a location. How old-fashioned is my eight-year-old going to feel sitting around an ice bar? Not at all! Shell love having her own private drink, and you wont have to worry about squeezing everyone into a public space for photos.

Limit the number of toys.

While your little one may enjoy having plenty of toy space, adults dont want to spend their time moving pieces around or digging through bins in search of something fun to do. Give each guest the gift of peace and happiness by keeping the area clean for playtime and making sure no batteries are left behind.

Keep things light.

Theres no need to spend time shopping for an appropriate gift or planning a dinner party when your hosts will be happy to provide a meal of their choosing. If they offer to pick something up from a restaurant menu, tell them thank you but no thanks. They want to make sure their guests feel as welcome and comfortable here as in their home

Dont make them wait.

We all like to have our drinks and food ready for us when we arrive, but dont expect your guests to stand around waiting while you get everything arranged. The more time you take, the worse it will feel to them as well as making them stay longer than intended. Opt for being efficient and getting everyone what they need so they can hurry up and come to your wedding!

Make sure theyre comfortable, too.

Your guests will be just as unhappy as you if they have to stand around for an extended period of time in your outdoor wedding ceremony or cocktail hour as they are annoyed at any other inconveniences that may occur during your weather-related nuptials. Take care of those issues right away so their attention is not focused on discomfort than on how uncomfortable they are.