Keeping the party upbeat

Whether youre hosting or just attending, trying to keep the mood light and playful can still make for a fun night.

It may be easier said than done, but your friends deserve a break from all that seriousness every now and then. You definitely dont want to appear like a grim reaper walking around your own event, so be sure to plan out ways to get everyone laughing and having fun. And if you try to turn things back into business as usual, chances are your guests will walk right through the doors behind you.

Choose your music.

Whether youre hosting a dinner reception or just a summer barbeque, appropriate music is an important part of any fun evening. Music should match the mood for your event, whether its festive and uplifting or calm and romantic.

Craft a signature drink or special ingredient.

No matter what kind of party youre throwing, theres always someone who knows how to get a good crowd goingand they will definitely want to help celebrate your birthday. Instead of choosing a standard mimosa or cocktail glass, make it a specialty ordered only at your party. Add fun new twists by serving an unlimited supply of mojitos or a signature margarita that can be served in a traditional plastic cup or stemmed wine glasses.

Invest in some dance gear.

You dont have to spend tons of money getting this party started. A fun, inexpensive dancing floor can be made with carpet tile or wood planks from your home store. If you want more flair, get a chia pet wall for an adorable theme and decorations.

Pick a theme.

A great way to keep your energy up at a wedding or any social event is to have a specific goal. This can be as simple as wanting everyone to enjoy their drinks bottle more than you do but maybe its something bigger like choosing an activist-focused celebration or a gender equality focused bash. Whatever you choose, let everybody know about it so they can start preparing in advance.

Show off your personality.

While you should definitely show an interest in other topics, like home decor or sports, dont let those conversations die when someone else starts talking. It can be hard to break into these discussions, but once you do, listen more than you talk. And if you see anyone watching you dance around your room or staring at you, be sure to smile! They probably just lost their best friendor even their phoneand are looking for something to feel happy about.

You name it!

Your wedding is unique to you and your relationship, so be sure to highlight the things that really matter to both of you. Whats important for one couple may not be important at all to another pair. But if theres something specific that gets your partner excited, then let him or her know how much you want their favorite moment to happen at your wedding.