Making Funny Photos Happen

Excited groom groomsmen ring

Weddings are an exciting time, yet can be incredibly stressful and nerve-wracking.  Due to this, it may be hard to get some good funny wedding photos because they are so concentrated on everything else going on around them. Even if you had a pre-wedding discussion about what the client wants, such as implementing funny photos, it would not be genuine if the “funny” is forced. That is where you and I, the professional photographers, come in. 

Photographers have to work in strategic ways to get those raw and real smiles and laugher moments to capture authentic images. It can be a challenge for sure to get people to relax and be themselves, but with the right mentality and perseverance, you will be able to nail down what triggers them to shine their natural expressions. 

Try Teasing First 

When I say tease, I mean it in such a way that will get people to break out of their shell and be willing to collaborate on more fun poses later on. One of the most popular and common ways photographers can get those money shots is by playfully teasing. Take a few shots to begin with, and then crack some teasing jokes, saying things such as, “That was great, now pretend that you like each other.” Little phrases like that are bound the crack at least a little chuckle and allow them to loosen up for more funny photo opportunities.  

Do Funny Poses

Once you get to this point, just jumping right into the funny poses can work exceptionally well. Sometimes the mere act of doing a ridiculous pose will allow everyone to get into it and have fun. Some ideas for this are secretly instructing one of the bridesmaids to photobomb the picture, the groomsmen throwing the groom in the air, or the bride pretending to hold her groom hostage. No matter what you choose, it will inevitably end in some really great funny images. 

Be Spontaneous 

Though planning ahead on photoshoot poses, both funny and sentimental, is ideal to ensure everyone is on the same page, it might not be as exciting as the spontaneous ones.  While you are in the moment, think of other funny ideas that you can try out that were not previously discussed. Unplanned moments are always fun and exciting to do for everyone, even the photographer. This can lead to a much more favorable time and mood-enhancing atmosphere that will result in genuine smiles and illuminate their fun personalities. 


Getting some good funny wedding photos in can really spice up and diversify the entire wedding gallery you capture on the big wedding day. As a photographer, it is your job to get the most amazing shots of your wedding clients. This also means that you have to be exceptionally great at making them feel comfortable and willing to work with you on creating those said images. Knowing your client’s personalities and being able to adapt to their sense of humor can really lighten the mood and get some excellent funny wedding photos that they will undoubtedly cherish for a lifetime.