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The Photo Experience

Yup! I'm the guy

I’m Christian. Sorry I forgot to comb my hair for this picture.

Why I do weddings… it’s the creativity of it all really. I get a kick out being able to make something awesome that people probably wouldn’t expect.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a stuck up and snobby artist. I work with couples to give them what they wish to remember for what is their day. The work gives me great satisfaction, but the people do to.

I think experience is important, because anything can happen of such a special occasion. Trust me I know. Weather, traffic or even technical difficulties with certain things. I try to be a prepared as I can for anything. Even if you all of sudden say. “Can we get a photo with that sunset?” I’m game.

I don’t think anyone can guarantee you a perfect wedding, but I can promise that I will bust my ass and give you my very best effort to what ever kind of wedding day you get, planned or unplanned. 

What you could expect

I’m sure you’re doing your due diligence on wedding vendors in general. Let me tell you how I like to run things.

Hear the voice, Meet the Face

An email or text can’t replace the kind of human connection you could have with someone you’ll be with for a good chunk of your day. A simple meet up or even a phone call can reassure that we will do well together. No time waisted with someone that could make the time drag or awkward.

Get the response your expecting.

No long delays in response or ghosting you. I get enough that from people myself. I want to be there for you and I want to respond in such a way.

The booking

When you book me. We get a contract and retainer out of the way. Then we get into making sure we on the same page with all your plans. I don’t want to miss anything really.

Wedding Bells

It’s go time and I’m there to work. All the planning has come up to this and I’m there to give it my all and be there for everything you’re looking for.

Photos of just you two

Engagement Session

$ 400
  • 1 to 1.5 Hours
  • 2 outfit changes
  • 50 estimated photos

Getting to know each other

This is a great portion of the process where you’ll have an opportunity to make invitations for you wedding guests through an engagement session. It’s also a chance for you to get a preview on the way I work. I will get the a review towards the way you love each other.

Wedding Packages

Hourly Coverage Only


  • 10 Hours Wedding Coverage
  • Engagement Session
  • Online High Resolution Photography


  • 10 Hour Wedding Coverage
  • Online High Resolution Photography


  • 8 Hour Wedding Coverage
  • Online High Resolution Photography

ADD Album

Album can be added to you package or purchased after your wedding day


  • 10x10 inch Album
  • 20 pages


  • 10x13 inch Album
  • 32 pages
  • Album Cover
  • Custom Swatches

Yes. These packages are what is most commonly requested. Since not all wedding are planned the same. We can adjust to something that suits your needs.

A 10% retainer of the chosen package is usually required to hold the date. That comes along with an invoice for you to pay through and a contract to sign.

Yes. Second shooter are available and an additional $125 per hour. They are extremely helpful when you can’t be at two places at once, but are not always required for an entire day.

How your day unfolds

Getting ready

We make sure we get you at your freshest time. Touch ups are not always available, and the day moves on so fast. We’ll get you at the beginning of the day. In what ever environment we’re given.

The I do's

This is really the main and official event that it all has come up to. Saying yes. 

Location, Fun, and Romance

We talk over the places that you’d love to have as a backdrop in your photography. We pan where to shoot, maybe what you’d like to shoot. All with enough time to get you to and from place you need to be at. 

And we Celebrate!

We talk over the places that you’d love to have as a backdrop in your photography. We pan where to shoot, maybe what you’d like to shoot. All with enough time to get you to and from place you need to be at. 

Headshot of a wedding photographer working in and around the Chicago area

I enjoy what I do. It makes it all worth wild with people that appreciate your skills and hard work that comes with it.

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