Should you go with a DJ or Band

Whether youre planning a wedding ceremony or reception for hundreds of guests, a professional DJ can help you create the perfect music selection for your event.

A live musician changes colors and textures in a way a photo or video never could. A band may play one song after another, losing the audience before theyve even had their first note played. With a talented and experienced DJ, however, everything goes down smoothly and seamlesslyand everyone at your party will want to dance!

A professional DJ will have high-quality equipment and years of experience choosing the right songs for any type of event. Theyll work with you to create a musical theme for your venue or specific brand identity.

While a band may not be able to offer as much customization, a quality local dj can quickly come up with ideas for making your wedding unique to what matters most to you. Whether its an acoustic session in the backyard or a full-blown concert, a pro dj will know how to adapt their music offerings to fit your needs.

A professional DJ will keep the music fun and energeticand will take care of all the technical details so you dont have time to think about them.

There are plenty of amateur DJs who can successfully play your wedding, too! But dont assume that anyone who calls themselves a DJ is onehiring a professional musician is like hiring a professional photographer at your own wedding. You want someone who has expertise and experience taking photos just as you want someone who knows how to operate equipment and mix songs at your reception.

Choose the right style of music.

If you want to choose your entertainment on a budget, look for deals on local bands versus celebrity DJs. A great deal may be two popular songs from an album thats already been released. However, if you can afford to pay for a professional band or DJ, its well worth it!

Set realistic expectations.

Before you book a wedding performer, band or other entertainment option, tell your partner what you expect from your interaction with that person or group. Will you be helping out with set up or walking around during the performance? How much time do you plan to spend interacting with the performer? When looking at different options, think about what role you want each member of your party to play in the celebration.

Know what types of songs theyll sing.

If you want to give your party that intimate feel, a professional musician is likely to produce much more personal music than a band who sings popular hits. Thats because a solo actsongwriter qualitywill sit down and write specific song topics for you, while a band will usually just throw together a playlist of their biggest hits.

Ask about their song list.

Thats probably the top question we get from first-time wedding guests. But its incredibly important to ask what songs they know will make your ceremony more personal and memorable. And be sure to talk to them about any restrictions, whether there are any particular songs that have to be played or issues with specific artists or albums. A DJ who chooses music simply because he thinks all David Bowie tunes are awesome is definitely not choosing his best options! Be sure to walk through every detail with your chosen vendor before the day of your wedding so you understand everything very well in advance.


Personal DJs can be fun, affordable, and easy to bookbut they arent professional! A personal music library is often limited, so instead of booking a full band or performing artist, you may only get background music for your reception. If you want to incorporate dance floor moves and costume changes, then hire a professional DJ