Steps in planning a wedding

No matter how lovely your venue, youll need to take several steps to plan your wedding, so you can enjoy the experience of planning your big day without stress.

Choose a date-and a time range for your ceremony

Choose the right venue.

If youre looking for a place to situate your wedding, think about what type of environment you want. Will you need space for guests to gather and socialize? Or is it better to have more of an intimate ceremony with just your partner and family? Make sure you consider how much room you need and also keep in mind the size of your intended audience.

Get everyone involved.

We know how important your family is to you, so well start by saying that taking them into your confidence is one of the best ways to plan your wedding. Talk to your partner and parents about what it means for you to marry their child, and dont be afraid to ask them questions like What do you want from this relationship? Why does this marriage matter to you? Asking these questions can help you establish clear expectations moving forward.

Make sure your timeline fits the needs of your guests.

Your schedule is yours and yours alone for the first few months after youve decided to marry, so it can be helpful to know what time your invited guests need to get up and go about their daily business. Some choose to start getting up at 5 a.m., while others prefer earlier dates in the day or later hours into the night. Ask yourself which type of party makes most sense for you and your friends and figure out an early morning date that works best for your more casual acquaintances.

Develop a budget and assign responsibilities.

With all the costs involved in getting married, you should have enough money to cover your expenses. Talk to your partner and figure out how much we can afford to spend on our wedding day. Then create a budget using this amount. You may even want to write a paragraph based on this topic and bullet point.

Determine who will be responsible for what.

Who will pay for what? At the beginning of your marriage, you should figure out which bills each of you is responsible for and how youll divide up the household expenses. While you can adjust this later, figuring out early what it costs to bring home a dog or spouse means you can add that expense into your budget and track why that cost is necessary.

Make time for mistakes.

Only do things you feel comfortable doing, or your guests will notice! Its so easy to get distracted from your vision by your shiny new planner when you could have easily spent that time hanging out with your fianc-. Dont worry about perfectionif something isnt done perfectly, it doesnt have to happen at all. Your wedding is yours and yours alone. And whether you choose a small, intimate affair or a large blowout, chances are you can always call back vendors who havent met your standards to get everything just right.