Surprise Engagement

Surprise Engagements

Photographing a surprise engagement

It is an incredible feeling, that moment you realize that the love of your life is truly the person you want to be by your side forever. Whether you were high school sweethearts, met at work, or swiped right on a dating app, you fell in love and are ready to solidify your commitment with a surprise engagement. Since this could very well be the first engagement you have ever done, here are some helpful tips on making it the most fantastic and memorable day as possible.

Select a sentimental Location 

The first thing you should think about is where you want to propose. You can do it wherever you would like, but to make it personalized, try going for a sentimental location. For instance, maybe you could propose at the spot where you first met, or the restaurant you went on during your first date. Whatever you choose, it would be suggested to pick a place that signifies how your relationship has come full circle. 

Hire an Undercover Photographer 

What better way to reflect on this moment than with lasting photos? Contacting an undercover photographer and discussing the details of your engagement plans is ideal. These experts know how to capture light to make your setting look magical, and they know how to position themselves to get amazing angels discreetly. If you want to have them follow you around to get the full engagement timeline, they can dress causal and blend in with the crowd while still being able to capture the entire scene amazingly.   

Audience or No Audience?

Deciding if you want an audience or not is entirely up to you and your partner’s desires.  If they are more introvert, you may want to have a quieter engagement setup that only involves you and them. Alternately, if they are extroverted and love having their family and friends involved in meaningful events, then having them be a part of the big day may be the better option. Just make sure to let your photographer know what you decide so they can plan accordingly on their end. 

Time of day

In most cases, the time of day you want to propose does not matter too much. However, be aware that certain times you choose could work out better than others.  For instance, if you do it during rush hour, the traffic could kill the mood. For your photographer, they can work with nearly any lighting situation, but times of day that have the most light would be easier on them to capture quality images. To avoid having a camera flash in your eyes, you may want to stay away from nighttime or dark venues. 


Planning a surprise engagement and making your proposal truly unique that is filled with love is something truly remarkable. It is something that your soon to be fiance will always look back upon and remember how much effort you put in to make that day so special. With that being said, with the right support and planning, it will be a perfect committing day you will never forget. 

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