Toasting for a wedding

Whether youre hosting a small family dinner or a large celebration, there are plenty of ways to say happy birthday, thank you, and congratulations!

Choose the right venue.

If youre planning a small, outdoor ceremony, say around 20 guests, an intimate restaurant dinner setting is perfect. But if you want to invite everyone up to your home for an evening of wine and cheese, maybe even including some live music, a cafe will be the ideal location.

Think about the details.

If youre planning a small, intimate wedding, you can write your own vows or choose to use something from your marriage license form or personal vows. You may also want to consider writing a love letter to your partner as a gift to your spouses who are older than you before they turn in their retirement forms. This is a great way to show how much you care even after you fire them up with so longs!

Develop a plan for your guests.

We usually think of toasts as funny moments, but they can also be serious matters of ceremony. Planning ahead allows your attendeesand especially your officiantto know where they should stand and what time their speeches are supposed to take place in. This helps everyone know their roles and feel more comfortable participating in the toast.

Make sure youre comfortable.

For your wedding, you may not want to wear pants or shorts. You probably dont want to wear a dress that looks like a uniform (i.e., all black or white). Instead, choose a color palette that matches the dcor of your room and add a pop of color with your ties and pocket squares.

Add in some time for mistakes.

With all the toasts you have to prepare, be sure to add in plenty of time before your ceremony begins. You may even want to start two hours ahead or more, depending on the length of your ceremony. This helps ensure that everything goes off without a hitch! And if theres something bad that happens during your toast, you wont have anyone worried about your customers seeing any part of your business out of order.

Have a representative from work toast with you.

Its important to include your colleagues in your special day, whether you have one or several hundred of them at your reception. Your guests will be much more comfortable interacting with coworkers than with family members, and many couples just want their loved ones to get along. You can solve this problem by having a guest speaker represent your team and raise a glass to you!