Wedding Photography and the Chicago Seasons

Bride Groom church wedding winter

Wedding planning is undoubtedly stressful, yet extremely exciting. There is a lot that goes into a wedding, from the decorations, where it will be held, to who will be the photographer capturing the big day. However, the primary component that I want to touch upon here is the importance of the seasons. Each season offers an abundance of benefits that can make your wedding day perfect for your overall vision.  However, each can come with some challenges as well, especially when it involves your photo sessions. There is no right or wrong date to choose, but you will want to be prepared for how your selected season can impact your celebration and lifelong photos.  


Winter is certainly a frigid time, especially here in Chicago. With the snow and ice comes the reality that there will be more venues open for you to use because winter is a less-trafficked city during these months. You may even be able to get discounted rates due to the off-season. In addition, the photos you can get would turn out phenomenal, especially if there is a gentle snowfall occurring that day. They will look magical, mysterious, and extremely sentimental.  

However, getting those photos will probably not be very comfortable to do. When the temperature is in the single digits with high wind chills, it could make for an agonizing time to get the images you want. However, if you genuinely want to have those pictures, then there is nothing stopping you from achieving that when you have a photographer who is willing to freeze with you to get the money shots. Keep in mind that with winter, the days are a lot shorter than in the summer months, so plan your wedding and photography session accordingly so you have enough time to fit everything in while the sun is up. 


Spring is a popular wedding season. The weather is nearly perfect to be outside for long durations, and the colors from blossoming flowers make for beautiful scenery and wedding photos. One thing to remember is that the blossoming does not last very long, so you must plan your wedding precisely when the peak time will be. 

Another element that is common during this time is rain. Spring contains the wettest months of the year, which can lead to some umbrellas accessories if you have an outdoor ceremony. If the rain is too heavy, you may have to have your photography sessions indoors. However, ss long as you are okay with the possibility of rain occurring and have a good backup plan, then everything should work out great.


Summer is that time of the year where you have the freedom to do nearly everything you want. You have much more flexibility with your wedding planning, and now that the days are longer, you have more daylight to work with to fit everything in before it gets dark. Yes, summer is fantastic and full of fun possibilities, but we cannot forget about the heat. 

Have you ever been to an outdoor wedding where you were sweating so badly that you could barely focus on the actual ceremony? It is not exactly a pleasant experience. It can also be challenging to get compassionate photos taken when you have the body heat of your partner against you holding poses. The best way to remediate this is to plan the outdoor wedding activities during the cooler times of the day. For example, stay away from doing anything outdoors between 10am and 2pm, as those are the hottest and highest UV ray times.  


Fall is the season that is highly favored by photographers. The colors are gorgeous no matter where you look, and it makes it very easy to get amazing shots of the happy couple. Not to mention that the weather is very comfortable for everyone, making it an overall great experience. Though there is not much to complain about, you do have to take into consideration that fall is another generally short season. If you plan your wedding at the beginning of October, it could be too early to get the peak foliage. Alternatively, if you plan too late, it could already be snowing. Though it can be a gamble with the drastic temperature changes that can happen, your photographer will make sure that your photos will be phenomenal no matter what.

Sunsets and Photography 

When it comes to photographing at sunset in Chicago, you will be able to get the best golden hour shoots with amazing natural light for perfect portraitures. It not only gives a fantastic atmosphere with the glow of the sun off in the horizon, it will provide you with some of the most flattering light. If your goal to have a sunset shoot, then make sure you time it accordingly. Remember, each season has its own particular sunset times, so your shoot will be earlier in the day in winter and much later in summer. As long as you and your photographer time it correctly, you will get those stunning results.

Consider Seasonal Events 

You may not have to worry about this very much in winter, but when it comes to the rest of the year, especially summer, there is a sharp rise in public events. Summer, in particular, brings tons of activities into Chicago, from parades, marathons, games, and much more, which can increase traffic and block off certain areas, making it hard for your guests to make it to your wedding on time. To avoid this being a problem, ensure you hold your wedding around those seasonal Chicago events so there are no issues that could hinder your celebration.


Chicago weddings and Chicago wedding photography are beautiful, no matter what season you choose. From a gentle snowfall to the diverse colors of the autumn leaves, you will surely have gorgeous images. With that being said, in the end, it is entirely up to you what type of environment you want to have for your wedding. After all, it is your big day, and it should be exactly how you want it to be. As long as you are prepared for the seasonal challenges and stay positive if the weather does not go to plan, then nothing will be able to stop your wedding day from being the best day of your life.