Wedding Photography
with the Seasons

Weddings and times of the year

Each season brings something to admire throughout the year. Winter is the snowflakes settling down creating a beautiful blanket of white. Spring blooms the nice palette of colors that we almost forgot about. Summer bring out the fun and freedom we get being out anywhere. Fall turns up the warm colors of leaves falling from up above. Then we do it all over again each year. It’s all great, but each comes with challenges to take into account. Let’s talk about them.

So starting off the year, at least here in Chicago, winter does have it’s perks aside from the snow. It’s generally a downtime for most venues. Chances are you could get a discount in their off season. The bookings are not as popular as they are in the warm months.Unfortunately it is COLD. Global warming doesn’t always hit your wedding day. So bundling up is a must. I know, easier said than done in a wedding dress, but can you really handle standing still in what maybe a 2º with a windchill of -30º. If you do and willing do go for gold, then I’m game. However, I will be freezing my butt off too so you know, but your in good company. Frigid Chicago weather can oddly enough make the temperatures warm and great for those days climbing up to 40º. Then it’s just more manageable.You can still plane for outdoor photography, but if the weather is pretty unbearable under the freezing vortex. Might be a comfortable thought knowing you have a nice venue to go to.
It’s great, there’s also a timing to it as well. If you’re looking for that bloom of colors, the lifespan of such a display is short. It really doesn’t last long, even if it does. Rain does hit around this time as well. Your rolling the dice, but you can still try to make it work.Look at your location possibilities, and I mean look at it by physically being there. The flowers might be blooming or close to it. You’ll have a good idea what’s headed your way.
Brings out the sunshine and the freedom to do whatever you want, almost. There’s not much limitation really except for that fact that it’s hot and everyone is out enjoying the rays too. All sorts of events happen at this time. Festivals, parades, marathons, games and etc. You kinda have to work around it or work away from it. If you’re by the downtown area for anything scheduled.
Most photographers love this time of year. So many beautiful warm colors are around at any which way you turn. Weather is pretty comfortable to have fun in the dried leaves.October always leaves chance for rain or drastic temperature change. It changes year by year. Having awesome Halloween weather in the Midwest is also a flip of the coin. A drop in temperature from 65º to 45º might not be the polar vortex, but dies give a frigid feeling overall.
People will forget that the sun starts setting down sooner towards the end and beginning of the year. I’m guilty of it too. So if your looking to do a lot with daylight, check those hours to be well prepared. I will alway be crossing my fingers for your shoot to be as perfect as you can get it, but weather can be as unpredictable as life is. Sometimes it’s good to go with the flow, you might get more out of it than you expect. Rain, who cares, let’s go splash on some puddles. Snow, let’s do it falling flakes from the sky. Own the day and make it your own photography session. EVENTS THROUGH THE YEAR
They are planned through out the year, which is great activity for people to participate in. Your wedding though could be affected. Traffic is a huge factor on people arriving on time. The city will actually close off certain areas of major streets or highways to accommodate the event. Not easy to get around especially when you have a schedule to meet. Here’s a place you can check to see if it meets anywhere near your wedding, then you can plan accordingly. 

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