wedding shoe ideas

Choosing what shoes to wear to your wedding is an important decision and can even be a challenge right after your ceremony.

While its great to have a clear idea of how you want to look, dont stress about wearing the perfect dress or asking for a specific style. Wearing well-chosen shoes will allow you to focus on the things that matter most at your weddingsuch as who you chose as a partner and how you plan to spend your day.

Make sure youre comfortable.

Before buying a pair of shoes for your wedding day, be sure to wear them enough to get comfortable with their feel and fit. The last thing you want is to buy something that feels wrong or tight in the heel areaespecially when its about keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground for your ceremony!

Talk to your partner about what they want.

While youre in the process of planning your big day, talk to your fianc about what shoes they would like you to wear on your wedding night. Also ask them what style classes they want you to take (if any), as well as whether there are specific types of styles they prefer or dislike. Your partner will also have an idea of what colors match their sense of fashionso for example, if they love neon, then make sure to include at least one bright color in your palette.

Keep it simple.

You dont have to get all dressed up with your shoes. Thats what suitsuits are for! But if you want to wear something other than boots, consider swapping your heels for flats or stylish sneakers. Opt for simplicity when it comes to your accessories as well. Go for neutral colors (like browns, beiges, and dark blues) that will match almost any outfit.

Choose matching shoes.

Well give you both some serious style points for choosing your toes-and their colorsbut these are some of our favorite matched pairs from weddings weve seen recently.

Define yourself.

What shoes do you wear best? Its easy for both dressy and casual styles to get shoved to the back of your closet, but dont ignore those comfort pieces! They may not be what you think in terms of heels or flats, but they definitely deserve to take center stage on your feet.

Focus on ballet shoes.

If youre looking for something very specific, such as a pair of ballet shoes, there are plenty of places where you can buy that style. But if you want to wear your favorite dancing shoes, you dont have to leave the ballet ball out altogether. Add a few dance moves to your bouquet and you have an awesome way to show off your love for ballet!