Wedding traditions for your wedding

Doing something unique will be one of the few ways that you can mark this milestone in your life as a couple.

First dances are special, said photographer Derek Johnson at Pantone Inc., who along with his partner, Lauren Conrad, hosted a recent Pink Party to celebrate the new color. Theyre about the two people who have felt the most pressure since they got married going out first, being light and fluffy together. Its such a cute moment.

Your parents are important partners in your wedding planning, helping to create memories that youll cherish for years to come.

While you should definitely include your partner in the process of deciding up details such as dress colors or cake flavors, its also a great idea to consider what your parents know best. Talk to them about which flowers look good on their table or if theres a particular song they might want to play during the ceremony. It may sound simple, but personal touches like these can actually have a huge impact on the guests at your reception. According to Grace Young, author of

Consider creating a tradition that has been passed down for generations or a new custom recipe.

Every family has their favorite traditional recipes, but you may not have thought about recording them all in a blog post. You can even invite your friends and family to contribute their favorites to your wedding website or social media pages. Its a great way to capture memories from your big day.

Think about how much care and attention each member of your family needs.

No one person should be given special treatment at your wedding. Therefore, dont invite just any old friend or extended family member to take charge of the ceremony! Instead, consider each member of your party individually and what importance they hold to you and your marriage. If one is very close to you, like an aunt or uncle, include everyone. But if there are distant relatives or friends you see only once a year, leave them out.

Talk to your parents and members of your family and find what they want from their part in your wedding celebration.

While you may have already discussed how much you care about certain things with those closest to you, its important to hear everything together so everyone can contribute ideas to help plan your wedding.

Try to work everything out ahead of time so everyone is satisfied.

Nothing says family like a fight, and your parents definitely dont want to have to figure out what items are important to you on their big day, so ensure that any arrangements they make are off the table (or couch or bed). And if theres something you wish was differentmaybe your favorite cousin kept poking you in the face at your weddingbe sure to talk to your partner about it before the ceremony. Theyre probably already thinking of a way to handle it!

Remember that its also your wedding, so if theres something you dont want

Every couple has different priorities and interests, which is fine! Its great to have a couple things in common, but dont stress about needing everyone to agree. If theres a tradition or way of doing something that you both love, go for it! Weddings are all about options, and yours is no exception.