Wedding Traditions

Do you and your partner want to bring some tradition to your wedding day or keep an old favorite?

One of the wonderful things about weddings is that they can be personalized to reflect each couples unique love story. If you both grew up in families where it was customary to sprinkle rice over the bride, then you may not feel like doing that at your wedding. However, there are many traditional rituals around every table, including the buffetyou just have to know how to ask.

Your toast: find out what yours is.

Most couples choose to give a wedding speech, but if you dont want to speak, its finethe bride or groom can offer a reading from the book of poems or a short story written by the couple. You may also just want your guests to vote after they eat each course to decide whether there will be a toast given. Any way you do it, this is an awesome way to know how much money you have spent on your wedding and how many items youve purchased.

A veil: this is a signature move of hers.

During his speech, Anthony told viewers that when he saw Kayla wearing a veil in the audience, he knew she was for him. The couple shared their love with all who watched their ceremony on television, but they also surprised guests by lining up to enter the church after their wedding processionand then breaking into a dance. This tradition may have begun in Canada where standing in line at your partners door is considered an honor; in any case, its a moment many guests will never forget.

Holding hands: another sign of love.

For many couples, holding hands is one of their first gestures toward each other. In fact, youre likely to see photos before seeing videos at your wedding of the couple hugging or holding hands prior to their ceremony. This old tradition may be related to how partners usually met (or how they felt when they saw each other for the first time), but its also a gentle request of both parties to hold onto each others hand through everything that comes later in the day.

Personalized signs:

While not an absolute must-have, these fun signifiers are definitely cute ideas!

Ring beareror runnerwill hold this when youre ready to go.

This is usually a fun game for your guests as they try to catch the ring bear. If you want to play that, then read on! Otherwise, just make sure you have someone who can chase after the ring bearer and ensure that he or she returns it in one piece!

Sign language: show you are officially married.

Lots of couples sign their name to symbolize how theyre united as one. But some brides actually sign her name before she puts out her own hand, while others choose to go with more traditional methods like shaking hands or taking turns holding the ring. Whichever method you decide to use is completely fineits about what means most to you and your new spouse.

Posing with your ring finger behind your back, then in front of it.

This wedding finger trick is a fun way to show off your old school charm, or get you thinking about how you would react if someone asked you to put up your hand. Basically, it means putting your ring on your right hand while wearing your bracelet on your left, making sure that your wrists are facing down instead of pointing at each other.

Kneeling during ceremony.

This is an ancient tradition that means youre supposed to feel something while looking down. In the 19th century, it was fashionable for couples to do so in their seats during wedding ceremonies, but as bow-ties and bolo ties went out of style, going straight into position became the must-do thing to do.

10) Saying I do in rhyme.

Were not exactly sure how many years it took for people to figure out that wedding vows should be sung, but we know you can count down from ten very quickly! And when you get to your final note, shout I do! Then stand up and give each other a hug.

11) Having your kiss be the end.

While its nice to have a traditional ending to your wedding day, the cliff doesnt necessarily have to be one of them. If you want a fun, different closing moment for your wedding party, by all means, go for it!