Weddings through a Pandemic

Vendors Are Striving to Make Your COVID-19 Wedding Special and Safe

I want to start off by saying that I am genuinely sorry that you are facing such a difficult time. The most cherished day of your life being is overshadowed by an uncontrollable event, and that is something I would never wish upon anyone. But I will say that wedding vendors and all associated parties are doing everything in their power to make this day special for you, pandemic or not.

With that being said, the coronavirus (COVID-19) was certainty not on anyone’s radar and hit the wedding industry hard. Many venues closed down, airline travel halted, and all non-essential stores were inaccessible, making your wedding planning or ceremony feel impossible to follow through with. Even if your wedding was all set and ready to go, your guests began withdrawing their attendance due to both fear of becoming infected and wanting to follow the social distancing event recommendations. So, what now?

If this pandemic has forced you to postpone your wedding, you are not alone. Thousands of couples are mourning over their original plans due to this unforeseen pandemic. However, if you were still able to hold your initial date, or your new postponed date is finally coming up, then you may be facing a whole array of struggles, such as you and your guest’s safety. 

Vendors Are Taking Extra Measures to Ensure Safety 

As your Chicago wedding day approaches, you should be able to feel nothing but joy and excitement, not fearful and anxious. As COVID-19 restrictions start letting up and life slowly begins going back to normal, you may still feel uneasy. This is why vendors that remained open or are opening again to the public are taking drastic measures to ensure that you and everyone that attends will be able to have peace of mind.  

  • Vendors are following CDC guidelines fully, including 6ft distancing and offering congregations with less than five people. This will, of course, alter and become more loosely suggested as COVID-19 becomes less prominent.
  • Deep cleaning the venue space entirely before and after each use.
  • Setting up digital displays so your guests can still witness your wedding from home.
  • Not allowing anyone who is showing any sickness signs into the building. If there is anyone who is sick, they will follow the proper procedures before coming back into the venue space. 
  • Wearing high-quality gloves and masks during the ceremony to make couples feel more secure. 
  • Working with couples and discussing further measures to make them feel comfortable based on personal preferences (such as increased chair spacing).

Your Wedding Photography – You Can Still Have It

One of the most significant things about a wedding is being able to have professional photos taken to remember that wonderful moment in time. Despite having to reduce your guest headcount and reduce your amenities, that does not mean you have to forfeit your wedding photos that will capture your beautiful day. Though not all photographers will be doing this, I am still completely on board to help you obtain those precious memories that you can look back on nostalgically. I am entirely aware of the CDC guidelines and own high-quality equipment that will optimize everyone’s safety, all while still being able to provide you the professional and fun experience that you have always dreamed of. 

So, if you decide that you want to go ahead with your intimate wedding, I will be happy to assist in giving you those desired photos while wearing my face mask and gloves. Or, if you feel like waiting a bit longer to have your family and friend present, I am more than willing to do that too. This day is all about you, and I am here to make your vision come to life however you choose.

Wedding Industry Professionals Want to Make Your Day Special 

The coronavirus may have put a damper on your wedding plans, but it does not mean that your day still can’t be amazing. Venues, photographers, and everyone else in the wedding industry has a primary mission to make your wedding day special. We know how hard this time is emotionally. Because of that, we want to give you the ability to have some stress off your back and show you that you can still achieve a fantastic day. Remember that you are not in this alone, and we are committed to giving you your dream wedding. We promise to guide you through your options, come up with ideal solutions, provide you the support you deserve, and certify that no matter what, you will have the most perfect and unforgettable wedding.