Christian Yah Head Shot

About me

From art to design, illustration and now photography. My creative life has evolved through out the years. Each one with it’s own reward. The biggest difference with photography has been the people.

Why I do this?

I didn’t always know that photography was going to be my career choice. When I went to art school, I studied illustration. I fell into the wedding photography Chicago while trying to strengthen my illustrating abilities. There are so many reasons why I’m proud this is my profession!

Seeing the Joy of Couples on Their Big Day

I enjoy capturing peoples’ love for each other in a way that they’ll cherish for a lifetime. There’s so much meaning in my work. I’ve definitely shed my share of tears at weddings. I get to witness couples commit to each other for life and start their families. What could be better than that?


It’s Probably More Fun Than the Average Job!

Of course, photographing weddings isn’t all sentimental moments. There are plenty of funny moments too! My photos can show the full spectrum of emotion that happens on the big day—from the tears of joy to the biggest laughs and more.


It’s Challenging and Inspires Growth

I also love wedding photography because it’s challenging—in a good way. As a Chicago photographer, I’m always trying to improve my skills and better myself. Wedding photography gives me the chance to do exactly that!

I Get to Connect to People

People are my priority in my work. There are many great photographers in the world who use the latest flashy equipment and editing software. But not all of them actually take the time to get to know the couple and personally invest themselves in their work. This is one of thing things that separates me from my competition. And it’s one of the things I love the most about my job! 


It Reminds Me of What Matters

As I’ve gotten married and had my own kids, I’ve enjoyed wedding photography even more. My own wedding day was one of the best days of my life, and I consider it a privilege to be there on your special day. There’s nothing I won’t do to help make your day even better!


I Help People Capture the Best Moments in Life

Even when I’m photographing something other than a wedding, I still get to witness people experience some of their most special moments. Whether it’s a high school graduation, a birth announcement, or a family reunion, you’ll cherish the photos for a lifetime. I’m honored to share these special occasions with you. 

There is a nice flip side to all this

You get to the best person sharing this with you in the passenger seat. The journey continues with some great surprise along the way. Where ever the destinations will takes you, makes it all worth it. The best part? You can relive the moment with the circle you cherish and love. Then start saying “Do you remember?”

I’ve been there too

It’s a ride full of twist and turns. Taste test, decor, dress fitting, ceremony and etc. This experience has put me in a position and appreciation of all couples. Now I do what I can to make sure their taken care of.

Share your history in images to relive